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The Flying Scot

This part of my site deals with my aviation interests, I have held a UK private pilots licence (PPL)  since 1994 and have been flying since 1990. I hold an Assistant Flying Instructors rating but do not actively instruct these days.

I started flying sailplanes in 1989 and qualified for the British Gliding Association Silver Certificate, then I found out about Motor Gliders gained a UK PPL (Self Launching Motor Gliders), I have several hundred hours as P1 in  these airplanes. I "upgraded" to a UK PPL Group "A" Landplanes licence in 1992 and added an Assistant Flying Instructors rating in 1994.
I currently own an Aeronca 7FC, which I restored over a period of 10 months during 1999/2000

My recent flying experience has been in America where I have flown in Florida, The Bahamian Out Islands, and California. 

I am still developing this part of the site, but a resume of my qualifications and current experience together with types flown, can be found by following the Qualifications link