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Original Letter

Origional LetterTranscription of letter from Thomas T Taylor to the Dentist Board dated 12th July 1923, in reply to their letter 10th July 1923, regarding the whereabouts of his father, Thomas H Taylor.

The handwritten note on top right hand corner of letter, would appear to be of a later date.

22, Ardrossan Rd.

The letter is handwritten and on paper headed, "Nithsdale, West Kilbride."
Telephone No.40.

July 12th 1923

The Registrar,
Dental Board of The United Kingdom,
44 Hallam Street,
London, W.1.

Dear Sir,
I duly received your letter of 10th Inst regarding my Father T.H.Taylor, L.D.S.

In the first place I have forwarded all communications to Mr. Taylor in South Africa which will no doubt account for his delay in acknowledging same.

Secondly the position between my father and myself as far as I understand it is as follows.

In May 1922 Mr. Taylor went to South Africa on a prospecting holiday with the intention of returning to me and commencing active practice here at the end of that year. He however got the opportunity of taking over a practice in Cape Town and I believe his intention is to work up a good clientele and resell before coming home.

As Mr. Taylor informed you he has certain interests in this practice and when he returns will immediately commence in active partnership with me.

I have not in way during my fathers absence used his name, either on the premises or on business headings and would be obliged to hear from you if I have acted correctly in doing so.

I enclose Mr. Taylor's address.

I am
Yours faithfully

Thos. T. Taylor.